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Ellen Bausback

"The AICE Program truly enriched my time at Booker High School. My freshman year, I took a number of Pre-AICE classes, and then my sophomore and junior years I followed the track to get my AICE Diploma early, junior year. These classes, while being extremely challenging and demanding, gave me a chance to experience real college-level courses even before I graduated.  

It's hard to pick my favorite class, because I enjoyed the range of courses I got to pick from. I enjoyed doing experiments in AICE Chemistry, loved figuring out crazy logic problems in Thinking Skills, and greatly expanded my worldview and writing toolbox in General Papers.   

Unlike other programs, AICE doesn't merely teach you content, it changes your whole critical thinking process as a student. Instead of focusing on what you're doing wrong, AICE rewards you for what you've gotten right, and that's an outlook that totally changed my academics and a principle I want to carry throughout my life. I would reccomend AICE to any student that wants to challenge themselves and get the most out of their high school education."


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2019 Cambridge AICE Diploma Recipients

The following Booker High School students earned their Cambridge AICE diploma in 2019:

Cassidy Ebersole

Amy Levison

Kerin Lynch

Alexis McKinnon

Seth Morano

Zoe Nikirk

Jatavian Peterson

Taylor Reister

Carlos Sanchez

Kariel Sanchez

Mesa Serbin

Hunter Thorkleson

CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck in your future endeavors!!

BHS Legacy

To date, Booker High School has had 36 students earn the Cambridge AICE diploma!  

In 2019-2020 we could double that number!!